Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wanna set up a shop?

Now almost anyone can do it easily!

A quick look at the Ashop Commerce site already impresses me with its fullness of features.

I believe they have all the necessary and relevant tools in any good ecommerce software. Other than the many standard stuffs that a normal shop in the real world should have, such as database and accounting systems, it also provides cyberworld necessities related to traffic to site, from search engines and what are the keywords being searched; visitors language and country; fraud protection; and many others.

They also feature some of their client sites so that you can go and experience their system, and may be even buy something from some of these sites. Now is the era of outsourcing and offshoring. Bosses can start to consider outsourcing and offshoring netters all over the world to run their [cyber-]shops.

Ashop Commerce sponsored this post.

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