Friday, January 4, 2008

"Don't waste food!" but say it to people in the kitchen, not in the dinning hall.

I like this Minister, Mr. Mah, whom I heard many dislike. My brother also have to thumb up to him for covering up many loop holes in policies, although that cost him many money making opportunities.

On the issue of insufficient public housing for rental to the needs, and in relation to the high divorce rate, the Today newspaper reported:

... But a harder and more worrying problem to resolve is the impact of rising divorce rates on housing options, he added.

Said Mr Mah: "We are looking at more cases where couples break up and the flat has to be sold due to a court order. Either the husband or wife, with custody of the children, will not be able to afford a new flat and come to us for a rental flat.

"We'll have to look at it from the more fundamental issue of why divorces are going up, and other things like housing options for a family that has broken up."

Some might think he is pushing away responsibilities, but I say he is clear about who should handle what and problems should be handled at their roots.

I feel similarly for the issues on single moms. Yes, they are having a difficult life. While the society shouldn't cause them further problems, I prefer resources to be used in the area of reducing the number of single moms rather than making the lifes of single moms as nice as the average person.

As I have realized only a couple of years ago that many like me have been wrongly accused of wasting food when not able to finish everything on our plate, which was filled by someone else with more food than we need, and sometime with reasons such as there were more than abundance food prepared.

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