Thursday, January 10, 2008

A review of a reviewing site

This site aims to provide a place where user can give their reviews of cash advance products such as payday loan. Potential users can benefit from the reviews from people who have been helped by these products.

I think the idea is nice. Unlike testimonials on most companies sites, where only their products are being discussed, not to mention testimonials are one sided, this site make it easy for consumers to compare different products and read not only positive reviews. Thus, this site has the name TrustSource to reflect this aim. It also has a more detail guides on these products in general.

Similarly, as this is a review, I should also point out the following observations:
(1) it does not restrict itself to payday loans only. However, I am not sure if it is intentionally or not that they don't provide a list of products that they host reviews on;
(2) the home URL is about stop smoking products. I spotted some pages such as "How Do We Rank?" and "Disclaimer/Terms of Use" are not yet updated. Having said this, I trust that most readers of this post should find the page updated by the time you read it.

As the saying goes, "to err is human," and I guess it is a new site, and probably not a very commercial one since I don't see it trying hard to sell things, lets us wish it may grow to become a good, neutral and trust worthy source of product reviews from real users.

This is a Sponsored Review.

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