Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am so small

A two cents advice from a friend: "If you want traffic to any site/blog, you need only remember 3 things: CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT."

Very true, this blog lacks of it. It is time for me to do some good planning.

Some time back I blogged about my surprise that my Google AdSense income is above zero, while yesterday I read about somebody just make a couple of hundred thousands dollars.

I have been updating my earnings from sponsored blogging, but I know from their sites of top earners earning about a hundred per day blogging.

Very recently I joined Pay Per Play, but will it help for me to blog about it here, when I noticed others who blog about it receive so many comments.

OK, enough for the unusual sad tone. Knowing that I am small is a good start, I believe.

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