Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Sex Allowed - Milo Turk

CD: Available from cd Universe.

Video: His performance during the American Idol audition, on youtube:

Lyrics: this is the best I could manage to put together the lyrics found on the web:

I'm sitting around minding my biz
Something is wrong and I don't know what it is
My love comes around she's an Oedipus Rex
She starts playing with me, all she wants is Sex
But take it from me hear what I say
I don't need that there's a better way

So I promised her love as she sings along
Cause sex is weak and love is strong
No Sex Allowed
I don't want to be part of your crowd
No Sex Allowed
If you don't like it - Get out of Town!

We touch and we feel our bodies just so
whether she's satisfied, I don't know
She complains that she wants to go all the way,
I think about it myself, but then I say
"Stop it now, the subject's getting old,
cause you don't use no birth control…."

She said "listen boy, what's the matter with you,
don't you dare deny that you want sex too,"
I said "it's something that you can't explain,
you're headed for the sun like a fool in the rain."
HIV, pregnancy, and then what's next,
is it really worth it to have sex?

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