Thursday, January 17, 2008

My mobile phones history, 1994 till now

I have used mainly Nokia phones. The few phones I had used are Philips Fizz, 3180, Ericsson (forgotten model), 3180, 3210, 3310, Sony Ericsson T23, 3310, 3250, N80 and N80ie.

Fizz was nice but Philips had quit mobile phone industry by the time my Philips Fizz died. I got from a friend Nokia 3180, which was a high end phone then. However, I knew it only now from web search and knowing that this friend only uses good electronic gadgets.

After it was snatched from me, I quickly got myself a replacement, the Ericsson model, which couldn't match the 3180, especially the buttons, that I bought another 3180. However, I stopped using pager, when I was using the Ericsson phone, which became my only time telling device. Thus, when I switched back to 3180, I was without any time telling device for some years.

Later, a friend kindly gave me a 3210 that provided me the time. When my brother upgraded to a new phone, I took over his 3310, which later was lost. Luckily, there was a spare 3250. I don't recall having any unhappy issues with these phones.

The Sony Ericsson T23 was not my phone actually. I bought it for my to-be wife then, and used it for a few weeks only. That was my first phone with color screen, it is much better compared to my experience with the Ericsson phone, and the sound was good. However, it is slow! If I were to buy a phone for myself then, for the same price, I would rather choose a Nokia model without color screen.

I got my Nokia N80 some time in Nov 2006. It was a big jump from my previous phone, Nokia 3250. In an earlier era, I once looked for a PDA, but ended up in a dilemma. PDA+phone seemed much worthwhile than just a PDA, while other than pricing being above my budget, I was worried of the risk of losing a single multi-functionality gadget. Anyway, in the later half of 2006, the 3250 battery was getting from bad to worse, and my age old desire to have a PDA gadget was burning. Thus, I decided to face the risk and started hunting for a new high end phone.

I found and chose Nokia N80. Some reasons are:
(1) Among other companies, my good experiences with Nokia phones.
(2) Among various models, I was looking for smart phones.
(3) Among various Nseries, I am not going for entertainment, or business use but I want wifi.
(4) Among various thumb down of N80, which the main ones are small battery capacity and low memory, I probably could tolerate with them.

The other features of N80 that attracts me are 3 megapixel camera, high resolution display (352x416), Symbian OS, and miniSD card.

My N80 only became N80ie in June 2007 after Nokia officially provided the firmware upgrade.

So far, there has been one repair related to internal speaker intermediate malfunctioning, which my guess is due to my non-N80 magnetic phone pouch causing confusion to the phone's magnetic mechanism that detects the sliding action.

Very recently, I just got a bluetooth keyboard for it as I think those un-typable small keyboard is of little additional value to me.

Looking forward, when shall I get an even better phone, and what features do I want in it? Probably when I am eligible to renew line contract. Wifi, still a must. Small battery capacity not really a problem as I am carrying my charger with me, and will likely to get one of those charger that can tap on to either main electric socket or USB port. They already have huge internal flash memory in the newer N81 and N82 models. So, N83 might be my next phone :)

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