Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't play play

Wow, this is exciting! The Wall Street Journal, something that is quite unrelated with my quiet life is now kind of linked to me via the new advertising system that I joined, Pay Per Play. How is it so? According to its blog, Pay-Per-Play is Ramping Up,

"Kelly K. Spors of the Wall Street Journal visited with Mike Knox for over 30 minutes to discuss PPP. This means that collectively we are shaking things up. The WSJ wouldn't have even noticed us if we weren't making such a large wake in the IM community. Best of all the WSJ came to us, we didn't seek them."

You can read the article, New Services Help Bloggers Bring in Ad Revenue.

Hey, earning money from blog is not a play play thing, else the WSJ won't be concerned. So, don't anyhow play, but play the audio ads from Pay Per Play!

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