Friday, January 25, 2008

Four stretch mark creams recommended by Diva

Diva, who works in a hair and skin salon, created this blog about skin care. She (I guessed) is sharing her knowledge, experience, and performances of products used by her clients. She just posted a review on stretch mark creams. You may wonder why I, being a guy, choose to talk about stretch marks. My first reason is my wife is having this problem and so I would like to know more, and indeed Diva's blog is a good start for me. On further reading, I realized that I had the impression that stretch marks only happen to pregnant women, but I was wrong. Any fat guy or gal who managed to slim down can have it.

I guess it is a bit late for my wife to prevent stretch marks now, but hopefully during the next pregnancy. Nevertheless, I know of this good source for skin care products review and recommendation. Find out why Revitol stretch mark cream won the first ranking in her review, and also which the other three of the four best creams are.

In addition, you can read about others' experiences and solutions in the comments, and you are welcome to share your knowledge if you are also good in skin care.

This is a sponsored review.

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