Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An advertisement free guide to web hosting

I am quite impressed with this guide to web hosting by web hosting choice. I am at the moment considering getting my own domain name for this blog, and also checking out hosting and website software/templates for another up coming website. Then I got this opportunity to review this site. Thus, I look into it with interest and as I read on, I find that they are sincere, factual, no boasting tone, and truly as they claimed that it is an advertisement free guide.

I find their Learning Center useful, especially the sections on scam and cheap hosting. I did some search and found a really cheap plan $12/year, but looking at these:
Disk Space 1000.00 MB $6.00 for each extra MB)
Data Transfer: 2.00 GB / month ($18.00 for each extra GB)
comparing with another at $4.99/year with these:
Disk Space 50.00 MB ($1.00 for each extra MB)
Data Transfer: 5.00 GB / month ($3.00 for each extra GB)

A small suggestion for the site is about the default numbers in the Quick Web Host Search box. I believe most visitors are first timers and many of them are not prepare to pay anything near to $40/month and $25 setup fee. On the other hand, isn't 25Mb disk space too low when even my Nokia N80 have 40Mb RAM and 2Gb mini SD card in it?

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