Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are you too man?

It is getting more fun to do review as it is an enriching exercise. This time, I learned something new about an aged old problem - hair loss. For those who have this problem and are impatient to read further, go straight to check out the reviews of some hair loss products.

The above linked .org site is specially designed to provide a place to review products based on the problems these products target on. On the issue of hair loss, the top product in their ranking is Provillus, and it has the most number of reviews. If you are still solving your hair loss problem, check out the Provillus review.

So, for those who still have the chance to learn about it while not having it, it is a man problem. I don't mean woman won't have it. It is a man problem, as in how man are you? It happens to people who are "too" man. That's what I concluded after reading the guide on their site and wiki out what is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for the formation of male sex-specific characteristics. However, too much of it leads to hair loss.

Basically, health is not a race where the extreme is the ideal. Health is about balance. Thus, be man by all means, but don't over do it. Have a balance diet!

Lastly, this problem looks trivial, but don't overlook it as it is about a person overall health state, not just the hair and look.

This is a sponsored review.

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