Thursday, September 23, 2004

Influence or be influenced

Sigh, another close to a month gap between blog entries. Yesterday watched the first few minutes of a recorded speech. The speaker talks about during the time when millions of Jewish people were killed by the Germans, some of them alien themselves from those who were more likely to be killed by befriending with the Germans, they could be spared. However, gradually, this group of people went on the same destiny as the others.

The point he wanted to bring across is that in this current world when there are unrest and horrible killings going on, we should perceive such situations as our problems and put in effort to solve it. Otherwise, just like those Jews who had thought the killings of other Jews were not their problems and just tried to save themselves by lowering their risk of being killed, eventually, the evil environment grew and affected them. Similarly, when we watch news nowadays on terrible happenings around the world, we should have the attitude and mindset thinking that these are our problems and seek ways and opportunities to help to end such evil acts, directly or indirectly.

Similarly, I hope parents, who tell children not to go to certain places that are perceived as bad, can do more than that. Consider telling your children to influence other the same; discouraging other adults to visit such places; giving feedbacks to such places the wishes for them to remove the ‘bad’ impression by the general public; etc. Otherwise, if such ‘bad’ places were allow to flourish, very soon one day, there might have only such ‘bad’ places to go to!

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