Monday, December 29, 2008

I miss Singapore

Recently, when I am out on the streets, in the malls, or at East Coast Park, the feeling keeps coming to me. I miss Singapore. No, I am not overseas. I miss Singapore in Singapore ... .

Once, in a food court, the drink stall staff didn't speak like a local. People at tables besides me were speaking in either non-local languages, or non-local slang.

On the street 9 out of 10 who spoke in Chinese were not in the familiar Chinese that I speak, unless some times when I am speaking to my friends from mainland China.

Another time, early morning at East Coast Park, there was a Muslim family at a quiet beach. I can't say for sure that their official nationality(ies), but they are not Malays. The man fair skin suggests Caucasian, so does the daughter's blond hair. Although can't see much of the woman, who was in traditional Muslim attire, in such attire at the beach suggests she is not the typical local Muslim lady.

I also saw a maid, an Indonesian I guess, helping to do BBQ. Her lady boss, was sitting at the table, in a dress and wearing a high heel. The man boss was following their son, who has just learned blading, on a tandem bicycle. The man was in shirt, pants, and leather shoes.

Actually, in East Coast Park, Toa Payoh Town Garden, and I believe also in many other parks in Singapore, if we only consider families, it seems that majority of the families are not Singaporeans or the typical Singapore families.

I bet there is no way to get rid of this feeling of missing Singapore.


test said...

Hi Dennis, keep saying this with me,

This is Singapore. This is Singapore... lol.

Back2Nature said...

Actually, I am saying "that was Singapore, that was Singapore..."

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