Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A good gesture might not be that good

In the news about an accident, Highway chaos, death, after man runs across PIE, the man who ran across the expressway was hit by another car which flung him into another lane. The driver on this lane slowed down to avoid hitting him, but the motorcycle behind him bumped his car and the motorcyclist ended up being struck by A lorry.

I wonder, if he couldn't slow down in time or fast enough, the motorcycle behind him might not suffer.

Just yesterday, while walking on the pavement, sound of bicycle bell came from behind. I knew a cyclists is "shouting" to me with his bell, telling me to quickly move aside for him to pass. As usual, I did not ... bother. I am a cyclist myself, and I trust his skills to be able to avoid me. I also know that if he slightly hit me, then he would be at fault and might fall down, while I probably would suffer little pain.

Why am I so "bad"? This is my logic. The more people giving way to such cyclists, the more they would expect everyone should do so. Now, what if one day, such a cyclist was ringing his bell hard and loud, but the person in front is not able to give way? For e.g., he might be deaf, just had a leg cramp, feeling dizzy, etc.

Or, like the PIE accident, this habit may one day caused someone innocent misfortune when I suddenly move sidewards to give way, accidentally pushing him on to the road, potentially being knocked by cars on the road.

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