Monday, July 19, 2010

My cycling in Singapore experiences - a small discovery

Nowadays I ride around Buona Vista more often, and have more closer look at road bikes. I didn't realized that road bike tire can be as thin as that of a racer bike. I mainly ride a mountain bike as in the tire I use are those thick and rough ones. So, many of my experiences shared here are probably inapplicable to road bikers. Here are two main differences:

1) Speed. I think my speed are below 2030 km/hr, while road bikers easily can go up to more than 3035 km/hr. I am comfortable to ride within the two double yellow lines, but I think it is not advisable to do so at speeds above 2030 km/hr.

2) Tire width. There are many "items" within the double yellow lines, which MTB tire shouldn't find problem with since it is designed for mountain roads. However, ridding on tire of about 0.5 inch, I think it is super scary to be riding within the double yellow lines, and at higher speeds.

I think most drivers drove past me quite safely without needing to slow down, but these drivers may be scolding any cyclists riding outside the double yellow lines. I hope drivers can know the various types of bicycles/cyclists and can better tolerate road bikers using up a third or half the lane to ride on.

PS: I've always thought my speed was max at 22 km/hr until recently I saw the reading on my phone GPS navigator application shows around 30 km/hr. Thinking back, I got the impression of 22 km/hr from a speed meter I peek at while riding very fast along Changi Coast Road during the Bike Rally 2004. Probably it was 22 mph ~= 40 km/hr.

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