Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanks for the jam

For years I avoided cycling via Adam road. Recently took a 93 bus and noticed the jam in the evening times. Thanks for the jam, I think, as it removes my reason for avoiding Adam road: it is much easier to cross the entrance to and exit from PIE when traffic is slow or even stand still.

Endomondo Cycling Workout: "was out cycling 8.95 km in 32m:19s using Endomondo."


Starringme said...

the one near lornie road?

Back2Nature said...

Yes, where Adam and Lornie roads meet, towards TPY direction during the after work rush.

Starringme said...

:) Its part of my regular commute!

ahh yes, traffic there automatically slows down due to the large volume! All the better for us!

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