Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cyclist right turn at junction when in a big group

Putting up a long comment on How to Make a Right Turn at a Cross Junction while Cycling as a blog post:

These are fine for riding individually. Might need to modify these parts for larger group rides. So, here are some suggestions with respect to group rides:

On the filtering method:

a) One may maintain riding straight while looking back, but one may collide into the front bike if it slow down or stop. May be it is good for the very last few riders to check and take the lane, then signal the front riders to filter out.

b) If a big group of cyclists take up the lane, it may irritate drivers behind as this is like cutting queue. May be it is good to have up to 5 or 6 bikes taking up space similar to the space taken up by a car, and separate themselves in small groups.

c) If a big group of cyclists took more than a lane at the front while waiting for green light, may be it is good for those on the left to hold the traffic while those on the right ride off first on green, and quickly filter to the left when turning right.

d) Safest is to wait for right turn sign, but as a group, there might not be enough time for the whole group to make the turn, and irritate drivers blocked behind. When turning, beware not to just follow the front bike.

e) May be the last few riders should not filter before the front ones have done so. Those already on left lane be considerate and make rooms for riders on the right to filter left, by either ride faster or slower.

In general, I think a big group of bikes together on road might not be a good idea. Thus, as three methods are described here, it may be good to split out and use different methods when doing right turn at junctions.

Lastly, just to mention that although I don't think it is nice to obstruct other vehicles, I don't agree to the thinking of obstructing them "unnecessarily" as cyclists are road users by laws.

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