Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Bicycle Commuting - A week after NParks enforcement act

Last Friday I saw NParks enforcing the "No Cycling" rule besides Toa Payoh Garden but there are still many who ride across this bridge. Obviously such enforcement is ineffective, waste of resources, and targeting at the wrong people.

(on 20140122)

I understand that there are complaints and maybe even incidents/collisions between bicycle and pedestrians. However, there are also many bicycles passed by pedestrians without any issues. Probably there are less than 1% incidents/collisions verses more than 99% safe passing. And for the fault of those minority cases, probably by reckless bicycle users, the other 99% suffer.

How about NParks follow LTA's style? I notice in many places, when it is deemed dangerous to cross a road, railings and obstacles were put in place to forbid pedestrians from crossings. However, I hope LTA does what NParks is doing, to conduct more enforcements to catch reckless drivers, while NParks redesign the bridge and ramp to send out matching signal. Don't build something so inviting, conducive and safe for cycling but legally disallow it. I wish they allow it legally since even speed limits is based on the 85 percentile rule, and I am sure much more than 85% bicycle users find it safe to ride across here.

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