Sunday, May 30, 2004

More research needed on family

There are different levels of developments in different fields. One important factor is the magnitude of influence. Business related fields have this factor. There are many theories and studies into running a business well and also on good practices in investments, management, etc. On the other hand, issues on the family and interpersonal relationship level do not receive as much studies. So, the idea come to my mind, there should be good theories and solutions from the business world that can apply well in the family and personal level. This is similar to the concept of the recent years of applying the Sunzi Art of War in business, since war was already very well studied in Sunzi's time.

For example, during the last few downturn years, "turning difficulties into opportunities" is used by good business people during these times. At the family and personal level, this was not so much applied (illustrated in my previous entry about kids and toys).

Another example, diversifying your investments to lower risk. At the employee level, rarely few thought of that. Most employees have all their eggs in one basket, one single job, and some worse, one single skill. It should be better to diversify their income source, by having multiple skills, jobs, providing other services, keep looking for venues of income and learn and make correct decisions.

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