Monday, May 31, 2004

Instead of shouting with raised voice

Today, at a friend house, some children from a few families were there having fun. At one stage, their game was throwing of toys at one another. I asked them who is the eldest. They were quite happy to answer my question, probably 'age' is a concept of direct concern to them as each day/month/year is a much more significant growth for them than adults. However, I couldn't get the eldest attention because he doesn't know me well.

Anyway, I managed to talk to one who is the eldest at home and his younger brother was also in the game of throwing toys. I asked him if he has such game at home and he said no. Then I asked if throwing toys is good and he said no. Then he was asked to tell his younger brother not to throw. By then, some other children might have heard my questions and have similar answers and the group went away to their next episode of fun.

However, the toys were everywhere in the room by then. So I asked again if this were the situation at his home, what should he do. He understood and started to put back the toys into a big box for toys. The younger brother just naturally follow and the two have the room tidy up shortly.

I respect the good up bringing efforts by the parents of these two children. Without that foundation, probably one of the mother has to tidy up the mess. As to why not me doing the tidy up, the previous posting about problems and opportunities has the reason.

Children influence one another when in a group. Keeping children from bad company is a poor strategy, while empowering children to influence other to do good is a better way.

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