Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Live by the rules

I was away from internet for a week. Just returned. Had a good time for self reflections and realignment. What kind of life should we live? I feel that the concept of eternity is very important. Since young, we were told to follow rules. However, many times once we thought we were outside the boundaries of the rules, we stopped following rules. The boundary could be geographical such as within a campus or country, or time limited such as before certain ages. There are rules without boundary. However, without the concept of eternity, all rules are bounded in time. Considering our eternal existence even after physical death, it is important for us to live properly.

An analogy: A secondary school student who understands the effects of his behavior matters long after graduation will be more serious in his study life than another who doesn't or understands otherwise. If our existence is temporal, it is eventually pointless to live a proper life.

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