Friday, June 11, 2004

Do whichever is more important

Few days back, I came across a comment made by a mother on her disagreement of another mother's decision of going out to work. Few weeks back, I realised that a friend who has 4 kids is baby sitting a baby for another friend, while she works outside. Fundamentally, I feel that parents' main responsibility is the upbringing of their children. However, if they are also holding an above family level role that benefit the larger society, then I feel that they should not give up their societal role and use 100% of the time for their family. Thus, the issue is about how to live a contributing life. Considering the great contribution in properly raising up children, I would like to suggest all working mother and girls/women who will become mother to reconsider. Is the time and effort spent on raising children or the preparation of it sufficient.

Similarly, for working fathers who claimed to be too tired to deal with their children after work is not proper. Between the role of providing financial support and the role of parenting, I think the latter should be more valued.

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