Friday, June 25, 2004

Perceived reality vs true reality

Sometime, it may be nice to question if some of our perceived likes and dislikes are truly what we like and dislike. For many years, I thought I don't like to eat vegetables. One day, I asked myself why don't I like to eat vegetables. Then I realized that it is not I myself who doesn't like to eat vegetables, but probably, I was somehow influenced by my family members that I don't like to eat vegetables. All along at home I only use spoon during meal time. Spoon is not suitable to scoop vegetables. Thus, I tend not to scoop vegetables. This was observed and concluded by my family members that I don't like to eat vegetables. Then, quite often they make comments about me not liking vegetables and try to encourage me to eat more. Eventually, I was influenced to belief that indeed I don't like to eat vegetables.

Similarly, when a small boys and girls are 'naughty' from our perspective, I think it is bad to mention to them that they are naughty. If the 'naughty' act or intention is way above their existing intelligence, I would say that they were not 'smart' enough to want to be naughty, but probably they thought behaving in such ways could fulfill certain of their desires. Isn't this call innocent? However, if we indicate to them that they were naughty, in a way, they will learn this concept of being naughty and soon gain the intelligence to be naughty, intentionally.

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