Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Names reflect what is being valued

I like the names of some company that highlight the concept of solution provider. Recently, more and more I feel that 'problem oriented' is not a good way. Instead, it should be the reasons that brought about the problem being the main concern. Thus, we should be 'solution oriented', but must be clear that the solution is not to solve the problem, but to satisfy the reasons or needs that is behind the problems.

An example, if there is a part of a road that is not allowed to U-turn, but many vehicles do so. If this is viewed as a problem to the authority as the law is not being followed, the solution could be to set up some structure to block vehicle from doing so at that spot. If this is viewed as there exist the need for vehicles to U-turn, the solution could be to provide directions for the vehicles to proper alternatives that has the similar cost and outcome as illegally U-turn at that spot.

Between western and traditional medicine approaches, western is more 'problem oriented' that reduce the symptoms or the measured indicator of adnormalities, while traditional medicine looks at the status of the health and provides what is needed to achieve balance and harmony for the prevention of illness.

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