Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why marry?

Singaporeans list key challenges to marriage and parenthood, which includes difficulty in finding suitable partners, owning a home, financial security, work—life balance, and childcare arrangements.

However, I think the most important issue is not these difficulties and challenges faced by Singaporeans. Fundamentally, it is the lack ...
of understanding of why marriage?

In the business world and the study of management, it is already very clear to many of the importance of vision and mission statements. Once these are clear, then difficulties will be viewed as challenges to be overcome. Otherwise, they are just excuses and obstacles people use to avoid responsibilities.

In majority of the history, the task of finding suitable partners is not done by either of the partner. Owning a home, or having financial security first are ridiculous ideas, conflicting with the wisdom in the proverb 成家立业 (establish a family, then build a legend).

I hope the government stop losing themselves in trying to solve such trivial issues by not clearly stating the correct understanding of why marriage. By the way, let me pre-empt by saying that why marriage is NOT for population sizes, nor national prosperity.


t` said...

So then, why marry? You haven't stated your understanding of it yet... :)

Back2Nature said...

Indeed, I didn't state my understanding. Briefly, it is a question shouldn't need to be asked.

It is a major part of living. It is not something for us to decide whether or not.

Sound pessimistic? Not really. Look at it as a major part of a well designed life path for us to grow.

Back2Nature said...

I attended a seminar last weekends and it reminded me of the reason. The reason is so obvious that I and many overlooked it many times.

The reason is: to be happy. However, the link between this obvious reason and marriage might not be that obvious.

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