Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is this the only PC shop in Toa Payoh?

I would like to make some good comments about a newly opened computer shop in Toa Payoh Central, Ability Computer Accessories.

My 5 year old computer had been very slow for years and failing to boot up frequently. Two weeks ago it became so bad that not even the first beep sound is heard. Finally, last week, guessing that it could be the PSU faulty, and I happened to walk past this newly opened computer shop, I bought a PSU from the shop.

After fixing the PSU and pressing the power button, there was a continuous beeping sound. Being lazy to dig out the motherboard manual, I called the shop hoping that he can tell me what's wrong. He suggested to me to bring over the computer and he can check it.

Basically, he just briefly ensure the connections are OK and re-plugged in the DRAM, and that's it, no more continuous beep. Very likely it was the DRAM not properly fixed and the problem solved. To be sure, he waited for the computer to boot up, but it doesn't due to other existing problems.

Actually, other than the PSU, I too suspected the harddisk has problems. We agreed to put in a new harddisk as the boot drive. Here is the main reason why I write this (sorry for the long winded story above).

I think they spent at least half a day, trying out two new harddisks but somehow couldn't work, and the harddisks need to be re-formatted to work on another computer. In the end, they couldn't sell me the new harddisk, and didn't charge me any money.

I feel bad for their wasted time, and I don't have any need to buy anything from them at the moment. Thus, I hope this can benefit them.

By the way, another reason for writing this is because there hasn't been a computer, i.e. PC, shop in Toa Payoh for many years. I hope they can survive so it is more convenient for me.

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