Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mind and body age mismatch

Just heard from wife some days ago that son's classmate is a boy who was abandoned by both his father and mother. We know of another boy in our neighborhood whose young parents were separated less than a year after married and he is raised by his paternal grandparents.

We are not social workers. I believe social workers have more to tell.

Physical body grows according to natural laws, while [spiritual] mind grows from life experiences and guidance from parents and elders. There is too much academic education for the brain, yet virtually no proper education for the mind.

It is time we focus more on non-physical injuries. Just as the start of EQ has triggered many other non-I Qs such as AQ, MQ, FQ, etc. Similarly, laws and licensing system should also focus on non-physical injuries.

Just as driver are made to pass driving license before they are allowed to drive on the road due to the potential risk and harm they might cause on to others, there should be maturity tests and training before one can get married.

Similarly, driving without license or safety-belt on is illegal and punishable, having sex or giving birth before or outside marriage should be punishable since it is an intentional act that put a child emotional "health" at great risks. In the case of parents not capable or not willing to raise the child, it burdens the country and society financially and socially. Thus, people who have sex outside of marriage should be made to pay or indemnify for their irresponsible acts.

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