Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Strange problem with Omnia II

I had an experience where the USB data cable cannot charge up the phone. The charging animation disappeared before completing a cycle, appeared again and this keeps repeating. I think what happened was as it started charging, it also started the connection to the PC, which then drew down the battery or disconnected it due to battery too low, and later reconnected again and this repeats.

However, I also have experiences some how different from the normal advice to charge using wall charger when battery flat, but my phone was not charging even using wall charger when battery fully flat.

For a couple of times, when my phone battery went flat when I sometimes forgot to disconnect wifi overnight, nothing happens when plugged into a wall charger at home. However, when I plug in the USB data cable at my office, it started charging and I can turn it on. That was when I was still using WM6.1.

Recently I experience two more serious situations. After battery went flat, nothing happens when plug into wall charger and USB data cable. I don't know why later it could be charged by wall charger. First time I was in a rush and so bring the charger and phone over to my brother place, and it started charging when plugged in. Second time I kept trying for half a day and gave up. Next morning, tried again and it started charging on the second try.

Some guesses are:

1) different wall socket (suspecting some power supply issue in my house)
2) after a period of time that charger is not connected to socket
3) after a period of time that the battery became really flat
4) after a period of time equivalent to having a soft reset

Anyone has a sensible explanation? Driver related?


test said...

Is that a comment or a ads in your comment. Funny.

Back2Nature said...

Hehe.. that was a copy/paste/edit from a forum post asking about this problem.

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