Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How much does a loopfiet cost?

Found the loopfiet at United Square for toddlers to learn how to balance before learning to ride a bicycle. However, it costs S$180, and has a fur saddle. Would some carpenter at our furniture shop make some at cheap price range?

Actually, can we just remove the the paddle of a bicycle?


wari said...

Those things are expensive. I got a cheap bike that my daughter can sit on, took out the pedal and cranks. Taught her how to run with it. When she's confident that she can take her legs out, I put back the crank and pedals back, and taught her how to use the pedal for speed.

She's now going to learn more as I'll teach things like cycling with one hand, and also pedaling while standing. All this without touching or guiding the bike for her. Let her balance on her own.

Costs: $45 and some tools. Of course, the bike is heavy unlike a specialized version for such things, but it will still work. (Couple of pieces of plywood stuck together? Hah!)

Patience is needed on your end however.

Back2Nature said...

Haha, so this idea that I have on how to learn to ride bicycle works! I suppose your daughter didn't fall when using the paddle-less bicycle.

Have you come across someone in Singapore who claims he taught many people to cycle within an hour by only giving instructions and demonstrations for about 15 mins (he has a website)? Wonder if anyone knows how he does it?

As for the other skills, may be it is better for her to experiment herself. Should be more fun this way.

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