Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wifi missing or disappeared from Omnia II

This seems to be a common problem that many have encountered since some months ago. Lucky and unlucky for me to have experienced it last night. Nowadays we don't call support to listen to a non-technical person reading out standard scripts that don't help. As usual, I went googling for a while, but still need to browse through discussions on this problem but with issues not related to my case, such as due to SKTools. Finally, found someone with the same problem and solved it
in a way that I think makes sense to me.

My own conclusion on this is that it is not caused by any specific application. I guess the reason is because I switched off the phone while it is connected to wifi. This was the first time I switched it off while connected to wifi. Also, the solution is kind of similar in a reverse manner to what I think caused the problem. Hmmm, should I confirm my guess? No. May be someone with a phone to play with can try that :)

The Google search results suggests that it could be an Omnia II problem rather than WM6.5.

Update: It happened again today (18 Mar) when battery went flat while wifi is on. After many tries, finally got it back. The successful try was after a normal soft reset. That may be a necessary step.

Update (6 Apr): It seems to be happening whenever I switch it off. Worse, the above trick couldn't work anymore. Finally, installed Total Commander that has a registry editor to edit the registry key directly. After a few tries, wifi is back after I set the registry key to 5, switch off for a couple of minutes and switch on again.

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