Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just upgraded to WM6.5

Finally, just upgraded my Omnia II to run on Windows Mobile 6.5. So far, nothing too fascinating. It could be because I didn't use many of WM6.1 features previously. Thus, I can only share my limited experiences.

This upgrading was very delayed because the last time I upgraded from N80 to N80ie, I only realized that the backup cannot be restored because of different versions. So, this time round I wanted to check if there is any such similar issues. It seems safe and so I upgraded. Now I am not sure if I need to restore whatever I backup. It seems to me restoration was done automatically as the documents and photos are around but SMS, calendar entries were not.

When I first bought the phone, I changed to WM6.1 interface instead of the Omnia interface as I prefer drop down menu than icons. Now, WM6.5 threw away the drop down menu and implemented icons. Sigh... Nevertheless, this one page continuous scrolling interface is still much better than the original Omnia 4 or 5 pages of icons by categories.

The unlocking mechanism is better. From previously press/touch and hold to "swiping" the lock to either sides. Although not as sophisticate as those pattern lock, but should be good enough to avoid accidental unlock while phone is in pocket.

Basically, so far so good.


Back2Nature said...

Sorry Fran, I find your comment irrelevant and also noticed that you have kind of spam it in many blogs and forum. As such, it is deleted.

As for gpfmalaysia, regardless of how good intention your cause is, still your act is a spam. I will delete your comment soon.

Back2Nature said...

Sigh, the price of famous. Not me, but iphone. I believe by mentioning it, my blog attracts visitors, including some p o r n ads. Now need to waste time deleting those comments too.

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