Friday, January 29, 2010

7 new things in next-gen iPhone

I just read 7 new things in next-gen iPhone:
  1. New [touch-sensitive] plastic casing
  2. OLED screen
  3. [5 or higher Mega pix] Camera [with LED flash]
  4. New OS
  5. Removable battery
  6. Video chat
  7. RFID reader
I am using Samsung Omnia II and it has AMOLED screen, 5 mega pix camera with LED flash, removable battery (seems only iPhones don't have), video chat (I guess). I supposed no phone has the touch-sensitive plastic casing and RFID reader. Making the back casing touch-sensitive could be useful, but already I find there is too much "sensitive" area on a touch-screen phone. Shall see what are the benefits. I have no clue why would I need a RFID reader.

This really shows the very importance of the OS!!! Sigh...

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