Friday, January 15, 2010

Hope you find some advertisements of interest to you

Finally, after so many years using Google Adsense, I experimented and found that really a single click can earn money. Now, I need to figure out how to increase the chance of visitor clicking on the ads.


Nat said...

Google publishes some good articles on how to design your site for increasing CTR. You might be interested in things like positioning of the ad, creating content etc...

What I do think needs is a lot less clutter. I avoid visiting your site if I can simply because I cannot make out where is the content I am looking for. I access through some RSS reader instead and you lose me as a potential clicker.

Sometimes fewer ads places strategically is a lot more useful than a whole lot of ads placed all over the place.

Back2Nature said...

Thanks for the suggestions. It is a surprise me there are people following my humble blog :)

I know a problem of my blog is that it takes long time to load, and it is messy and ugly. Shall squeeze time to improve little by little.

I just added Adsense to RSS feed but not sure if it is working.

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