Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Work and play. Upsized.

Months have passed since I changed my phone from Nokia N80ie to Samsung Omnia II i8000. Another rather big step just as I had previously moved from Nokia 3250 to N80ie.

My verdict after just using for only a few days still stands today, which is that hardware wise, it is a good phone but Windows Mobile 6.1 OS does not match up to it. Now that Apple iPhone 3GS and Google Nexus One just come out more recently, I feel Omnia II is the best if don't consider the OS, and also considering its lesser hype, earlier launch, and [I guess] may be lower price.

Nevertheless, I don't hate anything about the phone nor the WM6.1 (after I configured it to never use 3G data for Internet). The main problem I faced is the phone hanged and the speaker and microphone was somehow turned off that I can't listen and talk using the phone. Both easily resolved by removing and putting back the battery, or even removing and putting back the SIM card too. My untested observation at the moment suggests both of these issues were not the fault of both the hardware nor the OS (of course, good OS shouldn't hang) but due to a software I am using, fring, which seems not yet fully ready for WM6.1.

The other thing I don't like, again nothing to do with hardware, is the way WM handles wifi connections, especially adhoc wifi connection. I found out after searching the Internet that it needs to be connected first before PC's adhoc wifi connection is enabled.

I have yet to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5 but I doubt any significant difference. Will need to figure out the pros/cons and any important things to look out for (the last time after I updated the N80 firmware to N80ie then I realized the new firmware cannot restore backups from the old firmware!!).

Anyone out there thinks likewise or the opposite?


wari said...

A long time ago, I thought I've upgraded from Palm III to Compaq iPaq using WinCE at the time. I threw it away, when trying to add a contact meant a hard reboot because the contact app took too long to launch, embarrassing me at the time, demoing the unit to my colleague.

I don't use Windows phones or in fact, anything that comes out from Microsoft after that. When it comes to phones, I need the guarantee that the call will come through, even if the phone is busy at the time. Nokia, Sony Ericson, my old Palm Treo and even the iPhone proves that it can be done. I still see that my colleague needs to reboot his phone every other day, it's not a desktop, it should not behave like one.

I'm not sure about Android phones however, I've never tried it. Operating system wise, it's similar to Windows Mobile (multi tasking OS, etc), but so far, I don't see my brother complaining about it.

Back2Nature said...

From gmail and android, I like Google's approach of building from scratch focusing on the objective. I don't have experience with android yet but experience on gmail is good. Microsoft so far has basically mainly done two things: duplicates others' idea and modifies existing OS/softwares/etc.

I wasn't aware of android few months back and only find N82 (but no more selling with plan) better than N80ie among all the newer Nseries.

I suspect I have many more dislike about WM I don't know yet because I am not using most of its features and applications.

test said...

So, you cannot use it(most of the time)but you are enjoying it? You are very forgiving...

Back2Nature said...

I mean I am not using many of its features as there isn't the need, and time to do so. I am still using the phone and certain applications that I find useful such as Excel, Opera, email alert and reading them, fring, Nimbuzz, NavFone, Gmail, Google maps, etc. Nevertheless, I'm quite forgiving :)

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