Saturday, January 15, 2011

Answer by not answering

A story told by a colleague:
Once upon a time in a forest there was a lion who became a King. As a King he should behave in a royal way, and eating live animal is not appropriate. However, the lion had to do it secretly.

After each daily meetings with all the animals, the lion will ask one to stay behind. He will ask if his mouth smells. If the animal answers "no, Your Majesty, it doesn't smell," he would accuse the animal lying to him and eat the animal. If the animal answers "yes, Your Majesty, it smells," he would accuse the animal dare to say his mouth smell and eat the animal.

Thus, the number of animals decreased daily. A wise rabbit noticed and think something fishy must be happening. One day, this rabbit was told to stay back. When asked the question, this rabbit replied:
"Your Majesty, you know, the weather yesterday was cloudy, windy and raining. I was all wet and caught a flu. Now my nose is blocked and can't tell the smell." The rabbit was spared.

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