Sunday, January 16, 2011

Killing the dragon

Another story told by a colleague:
Once upon a time outside a kingdom there was a dragon. The dragon would come to the people and eat the crops and sheeps causing the people to suffer. The people complained to the King and the King organized a team of the best warriors to kill the dragon.

After a big ceremony they sent the team to the dragon cave. After the warriors went into the cave, those waiting outside heard sounds indicating that there were fightings going on in the cave. After some time, it became quiet, and the dragon didn't appear. So, the assume that the dragon was killed and went back home.

However, the dragon came again the next month. Again, they sent another team of their best warriors. Again, some fighting went on for a while in the cave and the dragon didn't come out. They went back home. However, the dragon came again on the following month.

This went on for many months until they have only one warrior left. Again, after a great ceremony, they sent this warrior to the dragon cave.

This warrior entered the cave, saw the dragon, pulled out his sword, and it didn't took him much effort to kill the dragon. Being the worst warrior in the kingdom, he was curious how could this happen? What happened to the earlier warriors? So, he went deeper in to the cave trying to find out. He saw many gold and treasures inside the cave, and there was a chair made of gold. Still wondering what exactly happened, and being a little tired, he sat on the chair to think.
After some time, he slowly became a dragon.

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Back2Nature said...

A friend is facing the headache of should he take up an opportunity to sit on the "gold chair" because he doesn't want to be a dragon, and know how difficult it is to resit being another dragon.

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