Sunday, July 29, 2007

Abortion is not the main problem

Some more statistics:
Teens accounted for 1,391 abortions last year, with 19 performed on girls under 15.
Of the 1,279 abortions by teenagers in 2005, 16 were performed on girls under 15.
youngsters between 16 and 23 found 13 percent of them were sexually active.
23 percent did not use any form of contraception.

How many of 1391 are first timers?
How many more abortions will these need?
Under 15 means oldest at 14. Abortion at age 14 means the "success" encounter was at 14 or earlier 13. Typically, the first time does not "succeed". Thus, highly possible that at 13 they are already sexually active!
There must be many more "lucky" ones "enjoying" their sexual life since 11, 12, 13!
This speculated possibility is itself the problem to be tackled. NOT the abortion rate, which is just the number of those small portion of "unlucky" ones.
A future problem that have to be handled now is those "lucky" ones, who lead such lives till they eventually "lucky" enough ("thanks" to the contraceptive technology) to get married, become children, and their children will be breaking their "records"!!

Based on academic records, criminal records, we roughly know who are suitable to become certain professionals such as teachers, army officers, ministers, etc. Any good idea to have some records to indicate the suitability of a person to become a parent??


test said...

BTW, aren't this stats "secret"?

Is it ok to reveal?

Back2Nature said...

Errr.. but I'm not a secret agent, nor in any secret group.. If this stats are "secret", how would I have known? :)

I didn't quote the sources, but these (including other recent posts) are what I read on newspaper, usually Today.

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