Monday, July 23, 2007

What does 800 births by teen single mom in a year imply?

800 is not a small number, but it doesn't seem to suggest a serious situation.
Lets see if...
For some of these moms, this birth was not their first pregnancy.
For majority of them, this pregnancy is not a first time "success".
For many other teens, they might just have avoidedbecoming a mom, i.e. "succeeded to abort".

Lets give just the above 3 considerations some numbers...
On the average, assume that
this birth was the 2nd pregnancy;
this pregnancy was the 6th "try";
these 800 moms were the "very unlucky" ones at the ratio of 1:10.
These numbers were rough guesses, and I don't think they are the extremes.

Thus, there are at least 800*2*6*10 = 96000 sexual acts by unmarried teenage girls, in just a year.
Individual "freedom" does not give them rights to create or risk creating lives in such irresponsible manners!!!!

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