Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This is a well known story.
Water flows. We can't and shouldn't stop it from flowing. Thus, it is wise to manage it, or influence the way it flows to suit us.

Businesses and services need to be promoted. Advertisements and distribution of leaflets are common ways. When too much junk mails go into our letter box, we lock the letter box. Now these junks go to our doorsteps. What next? Do we want to seal our doors and windows leaving no gaps? Hmmm... then you may see innovation idea that allows people to shoot their advertisment into your house from the kitchen windows using arrows or even remote control helicopters :)

I don't like the idea of locking mailboxes. I don't think I am the rare few who dislike advertising leaflets at my doors. I may be the rare few who didn't lock my mailbox, but it won't help. We can't expect these flyer insertors to record down which are those units that have locked mailbox and only go to these units' doorstep.

Please, can we have the junk mails/leaflets going to the mailbox, which is a more appropriate place than our doorsteps?

May be someone can conduct a study and hopefully found data that significantly reject the hypothesis that such flyers can increase business. I think better not. I foresee that the data may reject this hypothesis for most businesses, but accept for some, and then these few businesses will generate even more flyers then now.

For the moment, I will not touch these junks at my doorsteps intentionally. They will likely dropped on to the corridor floor. Sorry for the cleaners to have additional rubbish to clear along the corridors, thanks to the "innovation" of locking the mailboxes.

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