Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ask, and you will be told

Asked by waukeene
Why would the serpent set itself up to be the recipient of God's wrath?
What did it have to gain? Why bring death upon itself?

My humble Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

The serpent symbolizes the Archangel Lucifer in the story recorded in the scriptures through receiving of revelations years after the happenings in the garden of Eden, to teach the people of the time. Lucifer and other angels were created as servant/helper position to assist God in the creation. Before the creation of Adam and Eve, they were the beings who are most alike to God, and thus enjoy the most loved from Him. After the creation of Adam and Eve, they "lost" this most loved position as Adam and Eve were to be the children of God, who is even more so as the image of God, and thus received love from God at a higher level than the archangels.

For people who have observed the reactions of most first born when the second born arrives on earth, you can see the similarity.

Lucifer probably didn't consciously decide to seduce Eve but naturally attracted to her as she, being the last that is created, was the most beautiful creature on earth. However, all of them knew of the commandment given to Adam and Eve, but it was the responsibility Adam and Eve to follow the commandment.

In our world, there are many who have done many stupid things to the extend of bringing death upon themselves in the process to obtain love. Lucifer was the first who started this. Eve and Adam, through following Lucifer's word instead of God's words, inherited such elements from him, no longer a pure creation of God, and thus God could not love Adam and Eve, and their descendants freely as His children, because Lucifer and his gang have been accusing human beings as not worthy to be the children and to receive the love of God.

Now, give some thoughts to it, who is most sad? Lucifer? Adam? Eve?

No, it is the parent and master, God who is most sad.

Lets learn and not make similar mistakes:
1) Learn to see from God's point of view, or a point of view that put the greater good at higher priority than oneself. Lucifer knew God's plan, he knew he will have such feeling of lack of love, but he should put God's desire at the priority over his own desire.
2) Learn to hold on to own proper position, or play the correct role. Lucifer is created as servant/helper, thus should not leave this position, causing great damage to God's plan to create an ideal world where all can receive His love through proper channel.
3) Learn to live in proper order and structure. Eve's position as daughter of God should not have followed a servant/helper position Lucifer, and Adam's position as son of God and elder brother of Eve should not have followed Eve's proposal. They should know that they are answerable to God, and thus should have followed and consulted God when in doubt.
4) Learn to admit mistakes, if already made, and sincerely repent for them and accept the undesirable consequences. After erred, Eve felt bad to be the only one who did wrong, shouldn't have led Adam to err, but should have gone to God to repent. Adam too should have gone to God to repent instead of hiding. Doing so, they avoided responsibility and consequences, but also lost the position of masters of the universe. Thus, they became the servant of the servant Lucifer. In Jesus' words, ...of their father the devil...


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