Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Getting un-lost

Yesterday my brother casually shared with me a teaching in buddhism: (roughly) Since even [buddhism] laws [that helps one to get enlightened] can be forgo, isn't it more forgoable for secular things which are non-laws. An analogy is in order to get from the current shore to the opposite enlightened shore, the teachings/laws that we follow/practice towards enlightenment are like the boat that bring us across to the enlightened shore. When we reach there, we will forgo the boat since we don't need it.

Relating to another question from a cousin that why some Christians say they cannot enter temples, while some like one of our aunt could? This idea comes to me:

Generally speaking, religions [not in their institutionalised manner] seek to help people who are lost in the secular/temporal world to become less lost or more un-lost. However, it seems to me that many, while becoming un-lost in the secular world, are getting lost in some particular religion institution that they are in. These are what many called the religious people.

I don't consider Jesus and Buddha as religious people. That's why they were unwelcome and kicked out by the religion institutions of their times.

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