Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is your family fashionable?

I think family values has nothing to do with being old-fashioned, which was how PM Lee described it, "old-fashioned family values," as reported in Today when responding to 377A issues.

Being old-fashioned sound bad, but it doesn't really mean bad.

Being out-of-fashioned might sound and mean "bad".

However, we look at the suitability of family values, not whether they are new or old. Family values are values that promote, encourage and support healthy, happy and good families to be built and sustained. Indeed, the society changes, so do the ways one practises family values. However, the family values do not change because the practises change. The family values might change for the better, because in so doing it provides better and stronger promotion/encouragement/support for healthy, happy and good families.

Clearly, any form of increase acceptance of homosexual lifestyles is against the family, and family values shall not be changed for it.

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