Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How many could afford a garage here?

Here, garage may be most frequently used in the phrase "garage sale," although it seldom occurs in a garage. To my surprise, a Google "define:garage" gives meanings in different contexts, a verb, a building for cars, and even a form of pop music.

I visualized it as a sheltered storage space/room, primarily for vehicles. However, for people who put more than just a car in it, they will need garage storage cabinets. These and other products for the garage, such as garage refrigerator, attic lift, fan and skylight, can make the garage another room in your house.

Living in this expensive, small and crowded island, garage still exists only in my dream. Nevertheless, some of their products may be of interest to me. A bike rack for my bicycle, or a motorized cooler seems fun for play and use.

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