Saturday, May 10, 2008

An innovative platform for bloggers

I am happy to tell people about SocialSpark! I have been seeing this name for many months, wondering what is it but didn't really read up about it. Finally, I was among the very first people they invited to join in their invite-only Alpha version 9 Apr. Since then, I started to understand better about them through own experience in using it.

They have started the successful PayPerPost about 2 years ago, recently launched IZEArank, and now this latest brainchild ... what's this brainchild about?. After using it, I think I have a much better idea of what is SocialSpark.

There are many community sites such as friendster, and the very recent FaceBook. I think SocialSpark is also a kind of community site -- community of bloggers. Doesn't matter if you are interested in blogging for money, you can too join. As it itself is not a blogging platform, unlike most community sites that also offers a blogging features, you don't need to create and maintain another blog to interact with the bloggers here. You can also list your blogs from various blogging platforms here.

As for those interested in blogging for money, you will like this very innovative place for you to earn, both by advertising for other people, or advertise your own blog or products to increase your revenue.

SocialSpark allows several types of opportunities. Other than normal money paying per post type called sponsored posts, there are also blog sponsorships where you allow a 'welcome mat' and persistent sponsorship banner on your blog for a period of time. Also, there are Sparks, which are free opportunities that serve as ideas/topics for blog posts, but many offer to blog you back if you blog about the suggested topic.

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Unknown said...

sounds good. i think ive signed up but dunno why the ppp doesnt work - til now not approved. guess not enough hits? hehe

Back2Nature said...

Probably your blog didn't satisfy some requirements of the PPP, such as average number of postings over a period (it was 30 posts over 90 days but recently reduced. Also, they don't re-review unless you ask them to when you think you blog is ready. However, they don't disapprove due to traffic.
For SocialSpark, to join the community doesn't need approval. Approval only for allow a blog to take up money-paying opportunities.

Back2Nature said...

Edit: (it was 30 posts over last 90 days but recently reduced to 10 posts over last 30 days)

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