Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Using N80ie with a bluetooth keyboard

Few months have passed since I bought from ebay a bluetooth keyboard (photo) for use with my N80ie. For the first few days and weeks, I was quite excited and carry the keyboard out for lunch so that I can use it whenever I can. This excitment cools down after a month or two ... .

Today, a friend who just gotten a N82 very recently enquires about the keyboard. So, I took it out and use it just now. If not for my work where I am in front of a desktop all day round, the keyboard should be very useful.

However, some reasons that I didn't use it more frequently is not its fault, but due to the limiting features of my N80ie. With the little internal memory, I can only have certain combinations of 2 or 3 applications running, including the BTKB software. Also, with the short battery lifespan, after using BT, and usually together with wifi applications for a while, the phone will need charging.

N82 shouldn't have the internal memory limitation, but I doubt its battery capacity, judging from the phone's size, is sufficient for such kind of usage.

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