Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's your manga character name?

In the manga Bleach, the name of the character Ichigo Kurosaki is related to the story. Ichigo literally means "First Guardian". His father said it means "he who protects". He could sees spirits, and he is somehow destined to protect the spirits.
To find out more about Bleach, you may consider watching... or rather participating in the event, Bleach the Movie on 11 and 12 Jun 2008.
Thinking of names, or nicknames, it reminds me of the signoff I used to have during the early Internet days: E Z A M ... take a minute to guess what I want it to mean , which could also be used as a manga character name.

Most people would think that it is related to exam, as I was a student then. It is just the reverse of the word maze. Reversing it means the maze is cleared, or I am no longer in a maze, or unclear state. You know, it is much easier to find the solution to a maze if one starts from the exit door. The spaces in between letters symbolize roads, and also to make it less like a Malay name.

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