Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The 3gb communities

Is this just another community-networking site? Sort of, I guess.

If you like to be among the first people to join a new community, this is an opportunity to do so. According to its statistics, it is quite new with less than 500 members, under 100 albums and just over 500 photos now.

Nonetheless, its "Recent news" announces two new systems... , a new MP3 system and a new Chat system. However, these are not new in Internet.

I'm curious what do they mean by 3gb? Typically it means 3 Gigabytes. So, are they saying that they provide freely this amount of storage for members to upload photos and mp3? Is it their intention to let people join 3gb community out of curiosity to find out more? Or is it they are so new to have yet to come up with an "About us" section?

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