Tuesday, April 15, 2008

As if their tails (as if they have) is being stepped on

Would not showing homosexuality publicly hurt those who choose to be of this "minority1" group? I don't know. Err, actually, I think it doesn't hurt them.

Would showing such hurt those who ...
- are naturally heterosexual? Yes, it does.
- have conservative, or I prefer long accepted moral standards? Yes, it does.
- have faiths, such as Islam, Unificationism, etc. that condemn such stuffs? Yes, it does.

I support and encourage the Singapore's Media Development Authority for being firm on such issues. There are always pros and cons. Here, the cons is some self-defined homosexual people would be offended, while many many others would applau us. Thus, the net results is we would be attracting more people to Singapore, as this is a unique and rare place that uphold such moral standards.

1 Quoted not because of their numbers, but because of the difference from the use of the word in "minority races."

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