Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Destiny and Lineage

It has been some time since I seriously wrote something here. The ranking of this blog has been dropping :( However, I doubt I have something serious to write about now. May be I can talk about the Mas Selemat escape, but that is not too relevant to this blog. Or may be I can talk about some drama that I have been watching, such as CSI, Lost, 24 hour, etc. Ah, thought of something to write :)

Do you feel proud to be selected/recruited/employed by your current company? Would you prefer to be proud? I think it is nice to feel being valued, and being expected to be able to create more value for the company. It is nice to have a company willing to commit the costs for hiring me.

Similarly, do you feel proud to be borned into your family? ... Would you prefer to be proud? However, which family one is being borned into is out of the person's choice, unlike the case of choosing which company to send resume to. Nevertheless, we want to be proud. If already being proud, we should want to be more proud. In another words, it is our destiny to create value for our family, and to our lineage.

In this perspective, I can better appreciate the Chinese saying, 不孝有三无后为大. On looking up this phrase, I just learned that the other two are also very relevant (my own translation):

阿意曲从,陷亲不义,一不孝也; (First unfilial [non-]action: Blind obedience, not correcting parents' mistakes, and thus allowing parents ending up in dishonorable state.)
家贫亲老,不为禄仕,二不孝也; (Second unfilial [non-]action: Being poor when parents are old, yet still not working so as to take good care of them.)
不娶无子,绝先祖祀,三不孝也。 (Third unfilial [non-]action: Being unmarried [or w/o a wife], and without child [or a son], and thus discontinuing the lineage passed down from ancestors.)
三者之中无后为大。 (Among the above three unfilial [non-]actions, without descendants is the worst.)

In a way, regardless we like these or not, or we are able to achieve these or not, these and many other roles and responsibilities are our destiny.

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