Thursday, April 3, 2008

GOING... GOING... GOING... and still GOING S T R O N G!

The more I think of it, the more I feel that human is stupid trying to out smart Nature, which is truly a master piece. Just by simply living away from city, the article, Living past 100: on Pulau Ubin, Singapore, describes some old but healthy people on an island just 5 minutes boat ride from mainland Singapore.

Madam Asiah prefers to grow old on the island. 'All I did on the mainland was eat and sleep ... guess what happened?

Madam Asiah prefers to grow old on the island. 'All I did on the mainland was eat and sleep,' she recalled. 'I fell sick. My joints ached from lack of use.'
In a cycling blog, I read someone from the Netherlands (or has been working there), where riding is a common form of transportation, felt the need to cycle because he found he is virtually in sitting position whole of the day everyday.

I myself has gained weight when my riding was significantly reduced from average of 1.5 hour daily (2 x 0.45hr trips), to 3-4 hour weekly (2 x 1.5 hour + misc.), and my IPPT result deterioriate from being able to be awarded $200 without training to merely passing or getting only the $100 award even with training!

I just watched the documentary, Life after People on the History Channel, which suggests that if one day human being just disappeared from earth, life goes on, while most of the human built stuffs will be gone in 1000 years, and almost all will be gone in 10000 years. 10000 years may be longer than our recorded history, but it is much much shorter than the earth's age.

In another documentary, I realized that [manufacturing of] sugar was "discovered" only a few centuries back. Imagine dining without sugar had been the norm for thousands of years!

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