Friday, April 25, 2008

Will teachers like me?

It has been coming to attention by more parents that students are working harder than adults. Although my son is still very young or small, I have this idea years before I was promoted to father.

I plan to teach my child that an important aspect of studying in school is to learn. Thus, doing homework ... not about answering to the "boss" aka the teacher. is towards this goal too. I don't consider cannot finish homework as a direct problem of the child. I will focus on whether he has learned what is being taught.

If no, then the problem is not he not able to finish all the homework, but he hasn't learned the concepts yet. Thus, he should stop doing the homework without understanding rather than just try to finish the homework.

If yes, then he doesn't really need to finish the homework. When the amount of homework is too much, I suggest be smart to browse through and select those that can give you the necessary and sufficient practices to learn and apply knowledge learned.

So, future teachers of my child please take note :)


Unknown said...

i stil remember the time as a student when teachers will just throw loads of homework - each diff subject! i agree that children maybe more hardworking with all they have to go thru :)

Back2Nature said...

I don't blame the teachers. It's their role to assign sufficient practices to students. They don't have time and resources to decide how much for each student. That decision should be done by student/tutor/parent. Some may need even more practices, while some no need so much, or have to be more selective due to other constraints. Isn't this an important life skill.

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